The Journey

Founded 10 years ago, REVO IPTV started in the US, Canada, and UK.

Today, we’ve grown globally, offering channels from every country. Our journey began in 2013 with a beta version that aimed to transform how people watch TV.

Our innovative service has since revolutionized media enjoyment, providing unmatched entertainment to viewers worldwide.

Recognition and Cautions

Today, REVO IPTV is recognized globally, with top reviews on esteemed websites like Guru99, Softwaretestinghelp, Troypoint, Geeksforgeeks, IPTVWire, TVExpertGuide and more.

However, as we grow, be aware of imitations. There are fake websites misusing the REVO brand

Always use our official site, REVOIPTV.com, and trust reviews from reputable sites to ensure you’re accessing the genuine REVO IPTV service.

What we offer
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What We Offer

Access over 20,000 live TV channels, 910000 series, movies, and TV shows from anywhere, anytime.

Benefit from parental controls, an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), show recording, and secure, multi-device streaming. Stream with ease on any device using our versatile app.

No long-term contracts, a trial version for firsthand experience, and a 3-refund policy for complete satisfaction.

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