How to fix TVIP remote control problem?

TVIP boxes are using to watch IPTV contents, they are almost same as MAG boxes but with different .
What is TVIP and how to setup it?

A common problem on TVIP boxes is that you may see the of your does not work. In this article we will help you to fix TVIP which is not working.

Before starting please do a test to make sure if it's battery problem or not. Click some buttons on and check if the red light on blink or not.
If the red light is NOT blinking so the problem is the control battery, change the batteries! (if still same no light after change battery so the remote control is broken and you need to buy a new one).
If the light blink and the remote does not work then the problem is the remote control IR (Infra Red) problem. You can fix it by doing below .

How to fix TVIP IR remote issue?

Step 1: Press “Setting” (left side of S.INFO) and “Recall” (left side of “0”) at the same time.

How to fix TVIP remote control problem?

Step 2: Point the remote to the then press and hold “S.INFO” button for 10 seconds.
This process will change the IP remote code page. After 10 seconds you will see the message that “IR remote code page was changes”

How to fix TVIP remote control problem?

Now the TVIP remote control recovered!

Please leave a if you need any more help about TVIP remote control.

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