How to change Portal address on MAG?

Sometimes you may require changing your portal address to another IPTV provider and the steps below will guide you through the entire process of changing your portal address on your MAG box.

How to Change the Portal Address

Turn off the box and remove its power line, then unplug the cable between the box and the .

Turn on the box without the cable to the .
Wait until you see the “Loading Portal” on the screen.
On the press the “SET” button.
Go to the Settings and press “OK“.

  • How to setup IPTV on MAG Box

Press the “SET” button on the again.
Go down to Servers and press “OK“.

  • How to setup IPTV on MAG Box

Go to the Portal 1 URL and ALL the text (to use the back button on the remote).
Press the “KB” button on the top right on the remote. It is like a picture.
Enter the new portal address.
Press the “KB” button on the remote so the goes OFF the screen, go down the bottom of the screen and select “OK“.
Plug in the Cable that goes from the box to the , then go to reload portal or restart Box using the power supply.

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