What is Enigma Firmware Image?

Enigma2 is an open source which is with the Linux operating systems. It has an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) which provides a lot of features including Auto-Bouquets, 7 Days EPG (Electronic Guide), Picons (Channel Icons).

All older Vu+ hardware set-top boxes are MIPS-powered, newer are all ARM-powered and uses Enigma2 image-based software as firmware. Its firmware is officially user-upgradable, since it is a Linux-based computer, as opposed to third-party “patching” of alternate receivers. Firmware is based on Enigma 2, which was originally designed for Dreambox by Dream Multimedia.

What is Enigma Firmware Image? 2

add channels to Enigma2

Due to the lesser popularity among applications such as  or Perfect Player, or, devices such a  and Android boxes, adding channels to Enigma2 was a little tricky in the past, however, with the appearance of xtream TV plugin on Enigma2 things get a lot simpler and you can install channels in just a matter of minutes. 

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